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Partnership for your healing journey

Welcome to MindfulLIFE Acupuncture, where our focus is on true healing rather than merely alleviating symptoms. We value dedication to providing comprehensive acupuncture treatments tailored to your specific needs. Are you in search of the best acupuncture in Phoenix? Look no further. Our experienced practitioners specialize in addressing a range of concerns, including anxiety, through the power of acupuncture.

We believe in the importance of commitment and partnership on your healing journey. That’s why all new clients begin with a healing acupuncture package of six sessions. This package not only demonstrates our dedication to your well-being but also signifies a shared desire to address underlying issues and promote lasting health and wholeness.


Holistic Healing For The Body And Mind

Your body speaks through emotions, discomfort and fatigue

Our sessions help you tune in and listen to this voice.

Many people think that back pain, migraines or chronic fatigue are things they just have to “live with.” They take insomnia, PMS or digestive upset as a matter of course, and rely on medications to get through each day.  Just because something is common, doesn’t mean it is normal.  Become the detective in your own healing story.  What is your body trying to tell you?

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You're in safe hands

At MindfulLIFE, our approach to acupuncture for anxiety and other concerns goes beyond symptom management; it’s about fostering lasting healing and empowerment. Throughout your treatment journey with us, our focus is on guiding you towards holistic well-being by addressing not only physical discomfort but also the underlying emotional and spiritual factors contributing to your condition.

Every appointment at MindfulLIFE is a personalized experience, as unique as you are. Our acupuncture practitioners are committed to truly seeing, hearing, and listening to your needs, ensuring that each session is tailored to address your specific concerns and promote your overall well-being.

Are you ready to change your life?

“If someone wishes for good health, one must first ask oneself if he is ready to do away with the reasons for his illness. Only then is it possible to help him.” – Hippocrates

About MindfulLIFE

If you re-frame your perspective, understand that pain and emotions are OK – that they’re just ways our body communicates with our spirit – we can use them to our advantage. We can take back control and stop them from dictating our lives.

Lesley Johnsen
Doctor of Acupuncture
Trusted Acupuncture In Phoenix, AZ

A Vision of Empowerment

I see a health care system based on the principles of personal empowerment that see each body as whole, divine extensions of nature, not parts-driven machines.  Health care is a marriage of wisdom traditions, modern science and quantum physics, with the primary goal of supporting health, not chasing illness.

Our clients are our voice

“Since I began working with Lesley my life has improved dramatically. Thanks to her encouraging words, along with acupuncture, I feel much more balanced and capable of handling life’s stresses. I am calmer, less anxious, and enjoying everything so much more.”
Jennifer B, 34
“I have been under acupuncture treatment with Lesley for almost a year. I first sought acupuncture treatment for cystitis. After about three treatments my symptoms of urinary urgency and frequency were completely gone. Lesley has been working with me to heighten my awareness of bladder irritants and the mind body connection in general. I have had positive unexpected results from acupuncture treatment such as a decrease in nightmares and food cravings. I went from a reluctant and skeptical acupuncture patient to true believer in the power of aligning the body through acupuncture so it can heal itself. It has proven to be an amazing adjunct to Westernized medicine.”
Kristin K, 40
“Thank you so much, Lesley, for the great session the other night. It totally eliminated the migraine and helped tremendously with the TMJ. I have had my nightguard adjusted and am feeling much better. I might reschedule the next appt.”
Joyce C, 50
Lesley has helped me achieve the sleep and relaxation that I have been searching for. Throughout the handful of sessions we have had, I have learned a lot about myself and how to manage the stress of my daily life. She's great to talk to and highly educated in her fields of study. She makes the entire process very manageable and comfortable. Do yourself a favor and check her out!
Jordan M
Dr. Lesley Johnsen is kind and attentive. She makes you feel at home. Easy to talk to, her office is a Zen space. My overall physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being has been positively impacted by her acupuncture therapies. I highly recommend her as a practitioner!
Tanya S