Muscle Test for YOUR Health

Jun 10, 2022

If you’ve had even one acupuncture appointment with me, you know how passionate I am about empowering clients to trust themselves to know what is best for their physical, mental and spiritual well-being.  I encourage everyone to take back responsibility for their choices – whatever they are – and to stop out-sourcing decisions that have a direct impact on our health.  You wouldn’t believe the number of people that I speak with on a daily basis who have found themselves in an uncomfortable position only to sadly (or angrily) report a version of the following statement: “I didn’t want to do that, but someone told me I should, and now I feel terrible.”

When I am doing Psych-K and sessions with clients, one of the tools I implement is kinesiology, or muscle testing.  This simple test, which you can do on your own, allows us to check in with ourselves to clarify the best course of action based on what our subconscious knows to be best for us at that time.  With practice and trust in our own intuition, we can do this for most any topic for which we are needing clarity.

As we begin this journey of checking in with ourselves through muscle testing, one of the easiest ways we can start is with a sway test.  This is a great introductory video to watch before we begin our acupuncture or Psych-K sessions, or for a primer any time you wish to begin muscle testing on your own.  It may seem silly to some of you, but after playing with it for awhile, you’ll be amazed at exactly how powerful it can be in taking back control of your own health.

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Many symptoms are common, but that doesn’t mean they are normal. Premenstrual agitation, not being able to fall or stay asleep, or frequent headaches, for example, are conditions with which we learn to live. We really don’t have to have to.

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