Compassionate Inquiry- Dr Gabor Maté

Apr 26, 2021

Simply stated, the art of Compassionate Inquiry helps us to connect with our authentic selves.  We get the opportunity to hear our true voice and discard (if even for a short time) the masks that we are wearing in our daily lives.  With this tool, a person can recognize and free themselves of the unconscious tapes that may be running all or parts of their lives.  Watch this video from Dr. Maté for more information about this simple, yet profound therapeutic approach towards healing.

“The purpose of Compassionate Inquiry is to drill down to the core stories people tell themselves – to get them to see what story they are telling themselves unconsciously; what those beliefs are, where they came from; and guide them to the possibility of letting go of those stories, or letting go of the hold those stories have on them…that’s what Compassionate Inquiry is.” – Dr. Gabor Maté

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Many symptoms are common, but that doesn’t mean they are normal. Premenstrual agitation, not being able to fall or stay asleep, or frequent headaches, for example, are conditions with which we learn to live. We really don’t have to have to.

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