I’ve always been an advocate for the team approach to healthcare. Long before it was cool to say, “we’re in this together,” I was working with other providers to ensure my clients were cared for in a truly holistic way. I believe strongly in the healing power of acupuncture, but like with any approach, it can have its limitations. As a matter of fact, in ancient China, when a person was ill, the medical provider first advised dietary changes. If they continued to be sick, they were given herbs. Acupuncture was actually the third course of action in this way of approaching healing. While I am able to advise my clients on diet, exercise, herbs and lifestyle changes, acupuncture remains my area of expertise.

To that end, I rarely work with clients without referring them to at least one of my trusted colleagues in the field of health and wellness. There are so many wonderful practitioners out there, and our healing work is ten times stronger when we work together. These are a few of the healthcare professionals I have worked with and continue to recommend. It can be difficult to find someone you trust, so I hope this proves to be a good starting point, wherever you are on your journey.


Truama-Informed Therapy


I was so lucky to meet Ryan Hardesty earlier this year.  Not only do I get to share an office with him, I get to continue to learn about the power of  incorporating different modalities to help release trauma from our systems.  Ryan’s commitment to this work is obvious.  When he’s not doing  coursework for his Doctorate in Psychology, as a therapist, he is using hypnotherapy, Body Code and various other approaches to serve his clients.

To learn more about Ryan and schedule an appointment, please visit New Life Balance Center






Health Coach: An Integrative Approach to a Balanced Life

I worked alongside Renee Johnson in the Department of Integrative Medicine at the Mayo Clinic.  One of the things I love most about her is that she is very practical and grounded in her approach to wellness.  She is a highly reliable professional who can always be counted on to show up authentically, while holding space for others to show up exactly as they are as well.  She is currently studying for the national boards as a Master Certified Health Coach, and is highly trained as a yoga instructor, meditation facilitator and iRest® teacher.

To learn more about Renee and her various gifts, please visit her website at Infinite Lotus Wellness





Herbal Medicine: A Heartfelt Way of Healing

I met Andrea Stines earlier this year on a personal referral for some challenges I was having in my own life. While Chinese herbs are often an integral part of acupuncture treatment protocols, Western herbs have always called to me with a much stronger voice.  Though I can hold my own in a conversation about what herbs to use for what, as anyone who has ever tried to figure out the best herbs for (fill in the blank) knows, there are just too many variables for any novice to try and navigate.  Andrea’s tagline says it all – she approaches her work as “A Heartfelt Way of Healing.”  If you really want to incorporate herbs into your wellness routine, I highly recommend working with an expert.  And Andrea is the herbal expert I have recommended since I met her.

To learn more about Andrea and her herbal medicine practice, please visit Herbs from the Heart





Prana Reiki: Life Force Energy

I knew I liked her.  Her approach is so warm and gentle, and not to get too woo-woo for some of you, but she just feels like the embodiment of and Earth Mother to me.  Reiki happens to be one form of energy work that always soothes my system, and more and more hospitals and institutions are incorporating this energy medicine into their health programs.  As a matter of fact, Kelly holds a certification as a Medical Reiki Master, and has spent time working in hospitals and advocating for the continued scientific research of this beautiful healing modality.  She even incorporates her certification in sound healing into her sessions to make the whole experience even more soothing to calm even the most over stressed nervous system.

To learn more about Kelly and this beautiful energy medicine, please visit Prana Reiki